Since 1996, Waffle Crisp has been delighting cereal-lovers with the wafflicious taste of real homemade waffles in a mini size. Its waffle-shaped bits of corn cereal taste like maple syrup-covered waffles with a dusting of cinnamon. When the cereal first launched, it was said that Waffle Crisp had so much flavor packed into every nook and cranny because it was made by “grannies,” a group of grandmotherly women who were experts at making breakfast. (What grannies aren’t?) Waffle Crisp was their labor of love.

Then, a justice-defending cartoon waffle with red sneakers, Waffle Boy, was introduced. His arch nemesis, Professor Burnt Toast, was a threat to the cereal, but Waffle Boy always outsmarted him. Waffle Boy still appears on the Waffle Crisp cereal box today. Whether you’re a waffle boy, waffle girl or waffle mom or dad, the crunchy and tasty mini-waffles in every bite of Waffle Crisp are a mega fun part of any day.