The Alpha-Bits Story: Wholesome From A to Z

Alpha-Bits cereal was invented in 1958 by Thomas M. Quigley, a Post employee and father of seven. For decades, Post Alpha-Bits has remained a trusted brand with its great-tasting, whole grain oat and corn cereal pieces, nutrients to support healthy brain development and the alphabet fun that kids and moms L-O-V-E.

In fact, the Alpha-Bits on shelves today has a more nutritious formula than the original cereal that launched more than 50 years ago. The cereal has 20 grams of whole grain, only 6 grams of sugar and 12 essential vitamins and minerals. Alpha Bits cereal is a great way for growing children to start their day.

The Favorite Faces of Alpha-Bits

Beginning in 1964, the mascot for Alpha-Bits was a postman named Loveable Truly. He was originally voiced by insult comic Jack E. Leonard in a Southern accent. Loveable Truly was also a character in the 1960s cartoon show, Linus the Lionhearted, along with other Post mascots at the time (including Sugar Bear of Golden Crisp, then called Sugar Crisp).

Other mascots have included the Alpha-Bits Wizard, who magically appeared in the kitchen, and Alfie the Alpha-Bits Cereal Wonder Dog. In Canada, the last Alpha-Bits mascot was Alpha, a computer who “makes bits.” The Canadian Alpha at first resembled IBM PCs, but recent versions have begun to look like Macintoshes. Alpha is still the Alpha-Bits mascot today.

Alpha Bits Fun Fact:

The most famous singers of any “ABC” song, Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five starred in a series of Alpha-Bits musical TV commercials in 1973.

In 2012, Post began a partnership with the “Super Why” TV series, an animated series for children that airs on PBS Kids and PBS Kids Sprout. Now Alpha Pig, Princess Presto, Super Why, Wooster and Wonder Red are featured on the front and back of boxes of Alpha Bits.